My name is Pim Koper and i was born in 1989 and grew up a curious boy and i still have
that same curiosity today! I started working when i turned 16 and did school and work
for i was learning to be a Florist. After getting my diploma’s i switched career and started
working in the IT, i did that for 9 years and then i got burned out. After recovering i decided
to not work for an employer again but to start being a entrepreneur!

I started my own massage company as an sports masseur and this is what i still do today.
When i got hit by a car and could not work for 2 months i found an youtube channel about
hiking with a hammock and that got me hooked on that. I love nature and i love walking
also camping but the tent was just not it for me!


So i got my first hammock, under blanket, tarp and sleeping bag and my Mom (born in
1955) also wanted to go out in nature. So she got a tent, sleeping bag and all she needed.

The first trip we did it was about 20 Fahrenheit and it did not work that well using the
sleeping bags we where using. Also i was carrying a heavy load of blankets and stuff for my

That day the idea was to buy a sleeping bag for him but i could not find a singel item that
was made for dogs and was affordable! So there the idea of just hanging started, my mom
and i started to speak about making a bag for my dog Max, and so we ordered the fabric and
the fill and i started sewing (mom told me what to do cuz i have never done that before).

After that we went out again not having that bag but also cold and also did not work….
but long story short the 3e time we had about 45 Fahrenheit that nicht and the dog bag was
tested and my dog slept like a king on a bleu foam pad and in his bag. Next i made a better
looking model and send it to Sintax77 and he was really excited about it!

So, i diceded to start a webshop and make custom made hiking gear that is made for just you
and will also be affordable!

So the persons who run Just hanging:

Pim Koper born in 1989 and my mom Sandra born in 1955.

For now the invoice wil go on my massage registration for it is easier at this time. When the
webshop gets bigger i wil change the invoice to fit the name of this brand name.

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