Welcome to Just Hanging, the shop for custom made hiking gear!

In this shop you wil find custom made hiking gear for humans and also for you’re
pets! We try to keep the price low as we can and at the same time create a product
of the best quality we are able to!

The materials we use is mainly ripstop nylon, Synthetic fill and down for that works
best for making hiking gear.

Also we are proud to let you know… The down we use is recycled! After much thought
i decided to not work using new down but good quality recycled down. The down is
selected on quality and then when i find it fit for use it wil be cleaned and used
in the products. This way we can lower the cost of down products and also provide
every one that wants to use down products but simply can’t afford it!

The origin of the down however is unknown to me, i try to seek out a the most
honest products but i can not guarantee where it came from, only the quality!
I my self hate products made from down that was harvested from live animals.
But keep in mind, even if by mistake the down used by us was from that work no
extra animals died for it, for it was recycled!


We care fore the planet and the animals on it and so we sell an honest product
for a reasonable price. We also try to test every product our self for then we know
it works. If un tested it wil always be noted in the description of that product.